Job Title: Service Manager and Lead Technician
Candidate ID:CS00065772
Job Title:Service Manager and Lead Technician
Primary Skills:Customer Service, Diagnostics and business development.
Total Exp:15 years
Current Location:DE
Summary:I am currently working with a Candidate who has been a service manager and owned his own Equipment Repair business in Hawaii, He will be moving intothe northern DE/MD area in the next few weeks, to be closer to family, and is looking for a new home. As a Service Manager he has: Managed an average of 10 technicians Serviced over 200 clients annually More than $1.5 million in service revenue with 25% average revenue growth year-over-year As a Business owner he has: $900,000 in annual revenue with 35% average annual revenue growth year-over-year Managed an average of 6 employees Serviced more than 100 clients annually across all 8 Hawaiian islands Would you like to hear more about him?
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