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This on-line help manual is designed to instruct users how to perform each feature and task within cBizOne.


You can explore the Contents from the list on the left and click on the selection you want to view for step-by-step instructions including screen shots.


You can also select the Search tab on the left and type in a word or phrase to find any matches within the on-line help system.  Your results will display below the search box.  Simply click on the result to navigate to that set of instructions.


If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please email support@cbizsoft.com and describe in detail what it is you need assistance with and a ticket will be automatically created and we will assist you in a timely manner.  Also, please send us a Screen Shot of the issue.  To create a screen shot, click on <Print Screen> Key, open blank MS Word document, and paste the image into it.


Following is a list of common support requests.  Please review these links and if one addresses your issue, click on it to be taken to step-by-step instructions.


  1. Unable to send eMails using your Mail Server (SMTP Server)

  2. Sending Mails using Outlook

  3. cBizBar (not visible in Outlook or not working)

  4. Corrupted License File (Fatal Error 13, etc, when cBizOne is started)

  5. Installing cBizOne & Connecting cBizOne to cBizSoft Hosted Database

  6. Installing cBizOne & Connecting cBizOne to HCA Hosted Database (Note: Only for HCA Members)

  7. Installing cBizOne & Connecting cBizOne to Self Hosted Database

  8. Backup/Restore cBizOne (or moving cBizOne to a new computer)

  9. License Expired

  10. License Transfer


Thank you for choosing cBizOne and we look forward to working with you.


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