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cBizOne 3.8     Beyond Limits...     Beyond Imagination...
Changes in 3.8.0 - Oct 2011
  • Implemented User Based Licensing
Changes in 3.7.24 - July 2011
  • Enhancement - Grouping of Static & Dynamic Views.
Changes in 3.7.18 - Feb 2011
  • Enhanced merge duplicates (color code + log file)
Changes in 3.7.14 - Oct 2010
  • Parse requirements from any eMail using cBizBar
Changes in 3.7.10 - April 2010
  • Added PhoneFinder XTab
  • Enhanced permissions regarding Static Views
Changes in 3.7.8 - May 2010
  • Duplicate resume, move old resume to documents and new resume default
  • Add "cBizOne Mobile" permission (in User Permissions)
Changes in 3.7.5 - Dec 2009
  • Window 7 and Office 2010 compatible
  • Implemented throttling while sending eMails to 'distribution lists'
Changes in 3.7.1 - Aug 2009
  • Improved resume parsing speed by 3X
  • Implemented fully customizable "mandatory field" settings for Companies, Clients, Candidates, Jobs
Changes in 3.7.0 - Jul 2009
  • Implemented SourceFirst - Internet candidate sourcing tool
  • Integrated to Social sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Spoke, ZoomInfo, etc) for Clients, Candidates
  • Integrated to Search sites (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for Companies
Changes in 3.6.6 - Mar 2009
  • Implemented merging duplicate items (Companies, Clients, Candidates, Jobs)
Changes in 3.6.4 - Feb 2009
  • Implemented SMS (texting) feature
Changes in 3.6.2 - Oct 2008
  • Implemented Google Mashup
  • Allow eMailing documents along with the Resume (Resume Submittal EMail)
  • Allow eMailing alternate resume in the Resume Submittal EMail
  • Enhanced Reminder Popup - Load all at once
Changes in 3.5.25 - June 2008
  • Implemented fully customizable Dashboard, based on Web 2.0
  • Enhanced Alerts - Added EMail Alerts. Also, Added Alerts to User Groups
  • Parse resumes from Sweden, Netherlands and South Africa
Changes in 3.5.22 - April 2008
  • Enhanced EMail templates - Subject and Attachments allowed in the templates
  • Implemented User Groups
Changes in 3.5.20 - Feb 2008
  • Fixed issues when EMail Content is being pasted from MS Word
  • Allow special characters (like Euro symbol, French characters with accents, etc.) in the EMail Content
  • When importing a resume, allow mapping any part of the resume (ex: Employment History, Education, Experience, etc.) into the database
Changes in 3.5.18 - Dec 2007
  • Implemented Alerts (a.k.a. Notifications)
  • Cleaned up the "Font" issues in the eMail (using "pt" instead of "px")
  • Made eMail stylesheets more "spam filter" friendly. i.e. Significantly decreased the chance of an eMail being marked as spam
Changes in 3.5.16 - Oct 2007
  • Added two user permissions regarding sending "mass" eMails
Changes in 3.5.12 - Sep 2007
  • Redesigned Reminder (Alarm) Pop-ups (Show only one window for all reminders)
Changes in 3.5.11 - Aug 2007
  • Redesigned Advanced Find - Implemented Boolean Search; Implemented partial word search like "manufact*"
  • Implemented "Find Candidate" from a Job (i.e. when you open a Job)
  • Outlook 2007 - cBizBar was not visible in a opened eMail window
  • Vista - Fixed the issues with Reports, Customizing Views, etc.
  • cBizOne Phone Dialer - See who is calling using the Caller ID and Jump to that person with one click
  • Allow copying Contacts to Candidates and vice versa
Changes in 3.5.9 - May 2007
  • cBizBar - When a candidate is added, link the mail to the candidate instead of writing the mail content to the QNotes
  • Link the candidate as received for a job, if the Candidate is added from WebForm (CProfile.asp)
  • Link candidate as received for a job, while importing the resume
  • Link candidate as potential from the received XTab
  • Added a User Permission for Creating Multiple Items (Bulk import of resumes, Importing from CSV, etc.)
  • Implemented SMTPS (Secure SMTP) for outgoing mail
Changes in 3.5.7 - March 2007
  • Increased the limit of number of jobs per eMail queue in the Outbox (increased from 1,000 to 10,000)
  • cBizBar - Bounce Wizard - Improved bounce eMail filters
Changes in 3.5.5 - Mar 2007
  • cBizBar - Fixed the "blank eMail" issue, caused by the Bug in the MS Outlook Patch (KB924085)
  • Implemented search interface with TalentHook (Search for Candidates in cBizOne from TalentHook)
Changes in 3.5.4 - Feb 2007
  • Vista and Office 2007 Compatible
  • Vista - cBizBar MailToURL issue fixed
  • Office 2007 - cBizWord issues fixed
  • Enhance - Link the candidate as potential to a job, If the Candidate is added from WebForm (CProfile.asp)
  • Enhance - Allow linking candidate as potential to a job, while importing the resume
Changes in 3.5.2 - Feb 2007
  • cBizWord - Handle ".docx" (Word 2007) issues
  • cBizOne - Handle ".docx" (Word 2007) issues
  • Bug - cBizWord - When saving the "htm" or "txt", cBizWord (MS Word) was saving it the native format, but file extension was still "htm" or "txt"
  • Implemented interface with AIRS SourcePoint (Add Candidates to cBizOne from SourcePoint)
  • Implemented interface with TalentHook (Add Candidates to cBizOne from TalentHook)
Changes in 3.1.2 - Dec 2006
  • For Linked Mails Preview Window (in XTabs), handle "malformed" HTML
  • cBizBar - Add to candidates - PDF Attachments
  • Added LinkedIn XTab for Contacts and Candidates
  • Added Google XTab for Companies
  • Allow Submit from Potential XTab
  • Allow Exporting only "searched items" to Excel
Changes in 3.0.19 - Nov 2006
  • Option to select Outlook as Outgoing mailer
  • Allow hiding folders (Companies, etc.)
  • Implemented Multi-Edits in cBizOne
  • Optimized loading of view (very noticeable for 100000+ records)
Changes in 3.0.18 - Sep 2006
  • Optimized Form Designer/Database Designer (very noticeable when using Remote DB)
  • cBizBar - Implemented Link Mail To->Sender
  • cBizBar - When a Contact/Candidate is added, it will either Added or Update based on the eMail address. (It used to create a duplicates)
  • Enhanced Import/Export Wizard
Changes in 3.0.14 - Aug 2006
  • Implemented Full Resume Parser (HR-XML parser)
  • Allow PDF and WPD resumes
Changes in 3.0.11 - July 2006
  • Enhanced FixData - MultiEdits - Change all records in a Static View
  • Enhanced FixData - MultiEdits - Append to existing data
  • Enhanced "User Activity Reports - General"
  • Enhanced Received Tab in Candidates (Show both Received For and Received From)
Changes in 3.0.10 - June 2006
  • Implemented "URL" based phone dialing
  • Added two stylesheets for resume mail (Blank-HTML.xsl & Blank-Text.xsl)
Changes in 3.0.7 - May 2006
  • Handle mal-formed HTML in the XTabs Preview Pane
  • FixData.exe - Implemented Search & Replace within a Field
  • Implemented Column Level permissions, based on each user
  • Implemented UI level (i.e. enable/disable most of the UI) permissions, based on each user
  • Implemented 'Load-All' for temporary loading All Items (when 'Load-On-Demand' is selected)
Changes in 3.0.3 - Feb 2006
  • Enhanced User Activity Reports
  • Implement Preview Pane for XTabs items (Show Notes, eMail body, etc.)
  • Allow using external phone dialers (using Misc.xml)
Changes in 3.0.0 - Dec 2005
  • cBizBar - Save attacments too, when a mail is linked (to a cBizOne's item)
  • cBizBar - Allowing Multi-Select Linking of Mails to an Item
  • cBizBar - Option to Flag Linked Mails
  • cBizBar - Bounce Wizard - Option to Erase EMailAddress, instead of Archiving
  • cBizBar - Bounce Wizard - Option to Add Items to a Static View, instead of Archiving
  • cBizBar - Bounce Wizard - Allow customizable rules for "Bounce Patterns"
  • Candidates - Implement Resume Preview Pane for Candidates (cBizOne Pro)
  • Candidates - Allow highlighting any words (not just the searched words) in Resumes (cBizOne Pro)
  • Implement "Range" searching in the SearchBar (for Strings, Dates, Numbers. Eg: >=1/1/2000;<7/1/2000)
  • Reports - Added Potential Reports for Candidates and for Jobs
  • Reports - Added User Activity Summary (Count) Report (For SQL Server Only)
  • Reports - Allow "Beginning" and "Ending" for the Dates in the reporting options.
  • Advanced Find - Option to search the "Entire Field", "Begins with", "Contains"
  • EMails - Allow sending single mail to multiple recipients (without using CC, like MS Outlook)
  • Outlook Sync - Option to Not sync'ing QNotes
  • Outlook Sync - Optimize - 3x to 5x faster when database is remote
  • Dynamic Views - Implement Parametric Dynamic Views
  • Many other minor enhancements and fixes
Changes in 2.5.16 - Aug 2005
  • Outlook Sync - Allow one way sync. of Contacts and Candidates
  • Outlook Sync - Sync. Calendar items and Task items.
  • Batch Import Resumes - Allow defining Categories/Groups/Owners in batch import of resumes
  • Allow any type of document (eg. pdf, jpg, gif, xls, etc.) to be linked to items, when storing Documents in SQL Server DB
  • Advanced Find - Allow Searching in Linked Items (Notes, Activities, etc.) for SQL Server DB
  • Advanced Find - Allow Searching in any field in the Full-Text-Catalog of SQL Server DB
  • Customization - Allow defining any field as "EditedBy" or "CreatedBy" (Using the 'Usage' Tag)
  • Static Views - Implement "Add searched items to Static View"
Changes in 2.5.7 - Feb 2005
  • cBizOne's database can be shared by users across the country (and world) using internet (VPN not needed)
  • Optionally, compress and store Resumes and Documents in SQL Server
  • If two users modify the same record at the same time, merge the changes and save.
Changes in 2.5.0 - Dec 2004
  • New Look and Feel (XP Look and Feel for Windows XP Users)
  • Google like boolean-searches in the Advanced Find.   Click here.
  • Save search criteria.
  • Static Views (a.k.a Tear-sheets, Saved Lists, etc.).   Click here.
  • Extensive permissions/security settings for each cBizOne User Login (Pro Version).   Click here.
  • Create MS Excel with One-click
  • Many New Views (Recently added, Submitted/Status (a.k.a pipeline)), etc.
  • Allow Hiding unused (or rarely used views).   Click here.
  • Performance optmizations for Hosted (Remote) Database
  • Option to send Mails using MS Outlook's mailing engine
  • Snooze all reminders popups with one-click
  • cBizBar will not raise MS Outlook's annoying warning message.
  • More...
Changes in 2.2.5
  • Implement spell checking for Summary, Description, etc., in the open item
  • Enhance cBizOne Pro to handle SQL Server Replicated Databases
  • Implement High speed indexed searching in cBizOne Pro using SQL Server Full Text Catalogs.
  • Delete/Modify Permissions for any item (Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Clients, Candidates, etc. - cBizSoft will customize your installation)
  • Multi-select Linking (Ex. Assign multiple potential Candidates to a job in 'one shot')
  • Multi-select Scheduling (Ex. Set the task to multiple Clients in 'one shot')
Changes in 2.2.1
  • cBizBar - cBizLook AddIn for Outlook. No need to use cBizLook anymore.
    (Need Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003)
  • Read receipt/delivery receipt options in cBizOne
  • Total redesign of Resume processing - Robust, faster and self recovery from any errors.
  • Template mails, merge any fields from the database while composing mails.
  • Allow different SearchBar colors for each folder (using Misc.xml)
  • Bounce wizard for mails sent to Candidates.
  • Allow changing the default for GrabIT Toolbar Button in cBizOne
  • Added "Daily Call List" and "Daily Task List" views to the Calendar
Changes in 2.1.5
  • Views for Tasks (All,Active,Completed)
  • Assign "Calendar" items for Other Users
  • GoTo Linked Company/Contact/Candidate/Job from Calendar with One-Click
  • GoTo Linked Company from Contacts/Candidates with One-Click
  • GoTo Linked Contact from Jobs with One-Click
  • Added "Daily Call List", "Daily Task List" Views for Contacts.
  • Added "Daily Task List" View for Candidate
  • Added 3 More Reports (Users - Calendar/Notes).
Changes in 2.1.1
  • Very Powerful and Flexible resume Importing. 
    -Import resumes directly from web-pages, PDF, etc. using Clipboard.
    -Complete control (create new, merge, etc) regarding duplicates.
    -Clean up after parsing using simple Drag-n-drop.
    -Extract skills.
  • "Company Name" (Current Employer), "Referred By" Field added to Candidates.
  • Link Candidates to Companies and display all the Candidates at a Company in XTabs.
  • "Daily Call List" View for Candidates.
  • GrabIT - Add Contacts/Companies from eMail signatures, web pages, etc. using clipboard. (Similar to AddressGrabber™ from eGrabber Inc.)
  • Submit resumes directly from Candidates screen to Clients/Jobs.
  • Auto numbering for Jobs. 
  • Additional Style Sheets.
  • Mark completed Items in Calendar in different color
  • Allow showing other user's calendar items
  • Allow setting default snooze time and allow minimizing reminder popup
  • Increased Bulk Mail Packet size to 1000
  • Numerous Enhancements/Fixes...


Changes in 2.0.12
  • Automatically move/copy resumes when importing multiple.
  • Allow user defined VCard Name
  • Stamp 'eMail To:' in outgoing mails only when mail merging.
  • Allow printing the mail compose window.
  • Create on-the-fly resumes while posting to (XML configurable)


Changes in 2.0.11
  • Automatically fill New Contact's Address/Phone when linking to a Company
  • Allow Adding/Narrowing in 'Advanced Find'
  • Allow Field level search (with Lookup) in 'Advanced Find'
  • Extract skills (based on Primary Skills Lookup)
  • Highlight all the extracted skills in the Resume (Word Document)
  • Allow Drag-and-drop of extracted skills into Primary/Secondary/Other Skills
  • Allow Copying/Pasting into MS Excel from any View
  • When importing multiple resumes, ask 'Yes To All/No To All' for duplicates
  • Allow disabling 'Powered By cBizOne' and the '*' in eMails
  • Implemented Delivery Receipt/Read Receipt for eMails
If you are using AddressGrabber, please Download and install cBizOne 2.0.11 driver for AddressGrabber.
If you are using ResumeGrabber, please Download and install cBizOne 2.0.11 driver for ResumeGrabber.


Changes in 2.0.6


  • New Entity – Companies
  • Customize Database to suit your needs
  • Customize Win Forms (Data entry window)
  • User customizable Lookups for Data Fields
  • Auto-complete of Data Entry
  • Extensive scheduling (calendar) functions
  • Attach Documents to all Entities (Companies, Contacts, etc.)
  • Attach Detailed Notes to all Entities (Companies, Contacts, etc.)
  • Automatically cross link all the Activities/Emailing. Very powerful, hard to explain in one line.
  • XTabs (Data-mining Cross Tabs), showing all the information pertaining to the selected item (Company, Contact, etc.)
  • Link Incoming Mails to all Entities (Companies, Contacts, etc.)
  • Import resumes directly into Consultants/Candidates using Resume Parsing Technology.
  • Batch Import of Resumes from Windows Folders
  • Import Resumes from eMails
  • Sync with Outlook, Palm PDA, Pocket PC
  • Extensive reporting based on XML/XSL technologies (Standard and user customizable)
    • Printer (Hard copies)
    • PDF reports, HTML reports (very useful for eMailing, long term tracking, etc.)
  • Security features:
    • Private/Public for each item.
    • Login for each user. 
      • Click on the Main Menu, Edit/User..., to create Users. 
      • Click on Tools/Options, Select General Tab, uncheck "Auto Login" to disable auto-login.
    • Password protected Database
  • Track Status (including Placements) of Consultants, Requirements.
  • HTML Signatures
  • Auto Phone Dialer
  • Many misc. enhancements


  • Mark/Delete Duplicate mails automatically
  • Import resumes from incoming eMail into Consultants/Candidates
  • Virtual loading - Load any Outlook folder in a second (in cBizLook)
  • Instant sync. with Outlook
If you are using AddressGrabber, please Download and install cBizOne 2.0 driver for AddressGrabber.
If you are using ResumeGrabber, please Download and install cBizOne 2.0 driver for ResumeGrabber.


Changes in 1.3.28

cBizOne users are required to download this interim upgrade now in order to be able to transition to cBizOne 2.0 later in the coming weeks.

  • Entire application is fully customizable to fit your business processes.
  • Pre-configured for either permanent or contract staffing firms.
  • Pre-configured for either North America or Europe.
  • Automatic importing of resumes (files, emails and web).
  • Increased integration with partner web portals.
  • Most complete scheduling capabilities in our industry.
  • cBizLook performance now matching Outlook's.
  • Extensive reporting, which can be fully customizable.
  • and much more...

Windows NT/2000/XP Pro users will need to log in as an administrator in order to complete this interim upgrade.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will be available to anyone that needs prompt assistance with this interim upgrade. We are eager to bring you cBizOne 2.0 and this is a necessary step leading up to the introduction of our most powerful release yet.

Changes in 1.3.21
  • Customize views by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Multiple Mail Accounts with mutiple profiles (My Records).
  • Send EMails Bypassing your ISP's Mail server.
  • VCard("vcf") is optional now.
  • More choices in EMail Salutation. (Title, LastName, etc.)
  • Multiple address books (Contacts, Consultants) in EMail Window.
  • Bounce Wizard is 5 times faster now.
  • Much faster "EMail Reply Window" from cBizLook.
  • Faster mass mailing, particularly with Bad Addresses/'Flaky' SMTP servers.
  • AddressGrabber is integrated with cBizOne. Download and install cBizOne driver for AddressGrabber.
Changes in 1.3.15
  • Post your Consultants and Requirements to Web sites with few clicks and have them available to tens of thousands of Recruiters and Vendors. Currently you can post to three web sites, which focus on IT Consulting. Soon we will be adding more web sites. To post, click on Web/Posting folder in cBizOne.
  • General purpose Document search tool. You can search for any documents (*.doc, *.rtf) in any folder. It could be folder with resumes, contract documents, etc. After searching, all the search words will be highlighted in the document. To search, click on Tools/Document Find menu in cBizOne.
Changes in 1.3.12
  • Send Hotlist/Reqlist 3 to 4 Times faster.
  • You can automatically ADD New Consultants/Candidates with couple clicks. This should be used only to add new Consultants/Candidates.
    In cBizOne, send mail to Consultants using C-Profile stylesheet of Plain Mail. When the consultant fills the web form, you will receive an eMail. Simply right click on the mail (in cBizLook), select Add/Archive/open and then click on Add Consultant.
Changes in 1.3.6
  • Advanced search for Contacts, Consultants, Requirements, Sent Mails.
  • Search in the resumes of YOUR Consultants. Highlight searched words in the resume.
  • Open resume of a consultant by right clicking on a Consultant.
  • Mails sent from cBizOne are shown in Outlook/cBizLook Sent Items folder.
  • Rules Wizard of Outlook invoked from cBizLook (Main menu Tools/Rules Wizard in cBizLook).
  • Remember last 25 searches in Advanced Find of cBizOne.
  • Remember last 25 searches in cBizLook.
  • Change the order of consultants in the Hotlist by dragging in the mail window.
  • Smarter Bounce Wizard, now it can archive the contact even when the bounced mail is truncated.
  • Appointments and Sent Mails are automatically 'journaled' for each Contact/Consultant.
  • Using XML configuration, every time a resume is sent to a Contact, automatically BCC the mail to the Consultant.
  • Using XML configuration, default values can be assigned when creating a New Contact or a Consultant or a Requirement.
  • Please contact us, if you need help in XML configuration for above two items.
Changes in 1.3.1
  • Coolest HTML EMails based on user modifiable Style Sheets. Based on open standards (XML, XSL and XSLT).
  • You can add dynamic and interactive features to your eMails. Ex: You can add a "CALL ME" button to your resume eMail, your client can simply click on the button, which can either call your Cell Phone/Beeper or email you, etc.
  • Please note the Styles toolbar button in eMail window.
  • Please contact us, if you need help creating your custom style sheets.
Changes in 1.2.3
  • cBizLook: Now you can search in the EMail attachments (*.doc, *.rtf). Search results are High-lighted in the attachment. You can do a simple search or boolean search in the attachment.
  • cBizOne: Appointments are integrated with Contacts/Consultants. Ex: After selecting a Contact in the Contact list, you can directly setup an appointment with couple of clicks. Also, when the reminder 'Pops up', you can directly 'Go To' the contact or eMail the Contact.
  • cBizOne: You can submit the Consultant's resume with few clicks when searching job sites like Make sure you are browsing the site using the browser in cBizOne.
  • Date-Stamp changed to Date/Time Stamp.

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