Job Title: Flexo operator, Ink Tech, Production Mgr
Candidate ID:CSY0000379
Job Title:Flexo operator, Ink Tech, Production Mgr
Primary Skills:Flexo operaor, Ink Tech, some Production Mgr experience
Secondary Skills:technical service ink rep, quality
Rate:$22+ hr
Total Exp:14 yrs
Available Notice:2 Weeks Notice
Current Location:TX
Summary:Plan, schedule, coordinate and help lead make ready team for efficient press ready setups. plates (mounting and care), cylinders, substrates, screens, doctor blades, anilox, press materials, foils, dies, hand proofer, x-rite and software, standardization, correlations, efficiency processes and inks (UV, Water, Solvents, Screen) Currently in Dallas Flexo for Hire NJ
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